BELGIUM: unique venues

DMC Belgium

Venues are more than just a place to hold a gathering. They serve as a reflection of the event’s personality and create an unforgettable experience for guests. Our team has taken great care to handpick a selection of truly exceptional venues in Belgium. Our top four remarkable venues are Dome Event Hall, Zaal AthenA Hall, C-mine in Genk, and Concertgebouw in Bruges. We have chosen these venues based on their outstanding facilities, breathtaking architecture, and versatility, ensuring that they are capable of hosting events of any type and size.

Located on the rooftop of the Docks Brussels shopping district, Dome Event Hall was originally built as a concert hall. Its eco-conscious architecture, acoustics, and design, with 3000m² of event space and flexible capacity ranging from 100 to 1400 guests, make it perfect for a variety of events. The zinc-clad exterior and bay windows provide natural lighting, and two panoramic terraces offer stunning views of Brussels’ canal and the Royal Domain of Laken.

Zaal AthenA Hall in Antwerp offers a unique blend of contemporary art and architecture and features a capacity of up to 499 people. With artworks by Luc Tuymans and Lawrence Weiner adorning the walls, the space is transformed into a living art gallery. Tuymans personally selected the colors of the room, making every event held there feel extra special. The acoustics of the hall meet the latest standards, making it the perfect venue for any type of event.

C-mine in Genk, blends industrial heritage with contemporary architecture. Located on the site of the Winterslag coal mine, it has been carefully renovated to preserve its mining heritage, while new buildings and elements have been added to create a space that is both modern and historic. With seven buildings and more than 30 spaces available for rent, from small meeting rooms to large theater halls, indoor spaces to outdoor areas for catering and exhibitions, C-mine has it all. The buildings are situated around the impressive central square, creating a cohesive and inspiring atmosphere for any event. Plus, with top-notch equipment and amenities, C-mine meets all the requirements of a top MICE venue.

The Concertgebouw, in the heart of Bruges, is a stunning venue that offers a wide range of spaces to suit any event. From the grandeur of the Concert Hall, which can accommodate more than 1200 guests, to the intimate setting of the chamber music hall, which is perfect for meetings of up to 250 people or private concerts for over 300, the Concertgebouw has something to offer for events of all sizes. In addition to its versatile spaces, the Concertgebouw boasts natural light in all its rooms, providing a bright and welcoming atmosphere for any occasion. Overlooking the magnificent town of Bruges, the Concertgebouw offers a unique combination of historic charm and modern amenities that make it an ideal destination for events of all kinds.